Foot injuries can be quite common and often result in severe foot pain. Many foot injuries are sport related, and are referred to as sports injuries. As with many sports injuries, it is important to first isolate the problem to determine the best line of treatment. If you have a new foot injury, or lingering pain from an old injury, contact Foot Medical Centre today to begin the healing process. Our Foot Specialist, Chiropodist, will explore how the injury occurred and will assess the affected area to determine the extent of damage to the area. They will most likey palpate the affected area, and put the affected joints through a range of motion test to determine the severity of the condition. An x-ray may be required to determine if the bone has been fractured or broken.

Treatments for foot injuries are as varied as the injuries themselves. Once your Foot Specialist, Chiropodist, has determined the cause, you will receive the highest level of foot care to get you back on your feet. Whether you need orthotics, a cast or brace, medication, or just a regimen of heat, ice and stretching, you will leave Foot Medical Centre knowing that you are on your way to feeling better.