Foot Medical Centre is proud to offer the latest technology in Nail Restoration Therapy; KeryFlex; a safe, nonsystemic in-office application that restores the appearance of natural nails. The product allows the podiatrist or Chiropodist to remodel the patients’ nails affected by fungus, nail dystrophies and trauma. The patented resin creates a flexible, non-porous nail that allows the remaining natural nails to grow. The KeryFlex nail provides a natural looking nail during anti-fungal therapies. It also provides an immediate cosmetic improvement to complement laser fungal treatments. The KeryFlex nail is durable and unaffected by acetone, nail polishes or detergents and restores the appearance of the nail and your confidence! You’ll never have to worry about wearing sandals again!



Why the Kerflex Nail Restoration System?

  • Few options are available for patients with nail disorders, until now (e.g., onychomycosis, diabetes, infections, ingrown nails, psoriasis, onychogryphosis, beau’s lines, koilonychia and chronic polyarthritis)
  • Oral antifungal therapy is expensive and often not a viable option for many patients

Benefits of the Keryflex System

  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Only sticks to the callous cells of the nail or the papillary roots allowing a natural edge to be fabricated
  • Allows patients to use antimicrobial solutions to treat fungal infection
  • Provides for cosmetically pleasing nails during oral antifungal therapy
  • Keryflex is durable, flexible and moves with the foot

*For best results, we recommend a combination of Keryflex with Diode Laser Therapy*

Ideal for Patients Suffering With

  • Fungal nail infections (Onychomycosis)
  • Nail shape changes due to injury
  • Spoon shaped nails
  • Brittle, splitting and split nails
  • Horizontal ridges
  • Discolored nails

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