Cortisone injection therapy , using a corticosteroid, is a safe, fast and effective way to treat a variety of inflammatory diseases that one may experience. It can be used to treat new and acute flare-ups within joints, soft tissue or muscle, or it can be used to help manage long standing chronic aches and pains within ones feet.

It will generally consist of a series of interarticular (within the joint), or intermuscular (within the muscle) injections, spread over 4-6 weeks intervals, and will quickly target the source of the pain. Your foot care specialist will choose the most effective corticosteroid available to treat your specific condition.


Are cortisone injections painful?

No. Before having a cortisone injection, your practitioner will likely freeze (anesthetize) the injection site to eliminate associated pain. The injections used in the feet are performed with very thin needles which make them comfortable for the patients.