What is an Ankle Foot Orhtotic (AFO)?

An AFO is a custom made medical appliance that is used to support, realign, and assist in the motion within the foot and ankle. These devices are fabricated with intricate precision to comfortably fit the user, and are made with polycarbonate and graphite shells to reduce bulk and weight.

What Conditions are AFO’s used for?

AFO’s are suitable for individuals suffering with the following conditions:

  • Drop Foot
  • Ankle Instability
  • Polio
  • Charcot Foot
  • Unbalanced gait

How to get used to wearing an AFO:

Modern fabrication techniques have made the donning and use of AFO’s much more comfortable over the years. Once your AFO is produced, your foot specialist will schedule a fitting appointment to ensure a correct fit. At this visit, instructions on how to break in the AFO will be provided as well, which are detailed below:

  • Don the device in a seated position, and ensure all straps are fastened correctly
  • Wear the AFO for no more that 2 hours on the first day
  • Add an additional 2 hours per day, for three consecutive days, so that on the fourth day, you’ll have been wearing the AFO for 8 hours
  • Following the initial break-in period, the AFO is to be worn daily, while weight bearing, to assist in daily activity.