Intoeing gait patterns (pigeon toes) are typically seen in children, and are noticed when a child starts to walk. Besides being a cute way of walking, many parents become concerned for their child as this gait pattern generally leads to excessive tripping and risks injury. If left untreated, the body compensates by developing flat feet and flat foot types, which can lead to other problems such as the development of a juvenile bunion, hammer toe, plantar fasciitis and other foot problems.

If you or your child intoes, visit Foot Medical Centre today. Our Foot Specialist, Chiropodist, will conduct a biomechanical examination and gait analysis to determine the exact cause of the intoeing giat pattern, and may recommend specific foot and leg stretches, perform serial casting, or prescribe and dispense custom foot orthotics with a gait plate to promote out-toeing.

Contact us today if you or your child has a intoeing gait pattern.