Haley Kerbel, Office Manager, Podiatric Assistant

Haley Kerbel is both an Office Manager and Podiatric Assistant at Foot Medical Centre. Her goal is to make every patient feel welcome and comfortable while visiting the clinic. She takes pride in managing the staff and operations within the clinic to enhance our patients experience with each and every visit.

Outside of the clinic, Haley is passionate about gymnastics, personal training and travelling. From a young age, Haley participated in gymnastics and competed at the provincial level. In time, she became a head coach for multiple gym clubs within the Greater Toronto Area, and coached many great athletes over the years. She is also very passionate about personal fitness, and enjoys participating in group workout sessions to stay fit and healthy. Last, Haley enjoys travel; especially cruising. She has sailed to most regions around the world, and has tried out most of the cruise lines.