Chiropody is a branch of medical science that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases of the foot and lower limb by therpeutic, pharmaceutical, surgical and/or palliative means.

A Chiropodist is a regulated primary health care provider who practices Podiatric Medicine and specialize in the assessment, management and prevention of diseases and disorders of the foot and lower limb. Chiropodists play an integral roll of any family healthcare team, and are skilled in assessing the needs of their patients, from toddlers to seniors. Chiropodists manage both acute and chronic conditions affecting the foot and lower limb.

Within Ontario, and as of 1993, all Foot Care Specialists (Chiropodists and Podiatrists) must use the title of Chiropodist regardless of the jurisdiction from which they trained, and both Chiropodists (trained in either Canada or the UK) and Podiatrists (trained in either the USA or South Africa) are regulated by the College of Chiropodists of Ontario. Chiropodists and Podiatrists can prescribe drugs, assess foot and ankle problems, perform nail and soft tissue surgery, and provide their patients with custom made foot orthotics and orthopedic footwear.

People of all age groups can benefit from professional foot care services; from toddlers to seniors and everyone inbetween. Remember, many foot conditions can be prevented if treated early enough.

A referral from a family physician and/or other heath care provider is always welcome, but is not required. Please call us directly at 905-503-FOOT (3668) or Toll Free at 1-844-503-FOOT (3668) and book your appointment today.

No; Chiropody services are not covered by OHIP. However, similar to Dental services, many extended health and workplace insurance plans do reimburse Chiropody services. ODSP, OW, Social Services, and Veterans Affairs may cover Chiropody treatments as well. Insurance receipts are provided with each visit.